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Bastet, is a current dance piece that glorifies the strength and sensuality within female nature. 

Saturday June 23, 20.30, Canal Stage


Bastet is a contemporary dance piece that glorifies the strength and sensuality inherent within female nature. It is presented by the renowned Marianna Kavallieratou and six Greek dancers on stage over the SNFCC water canal.
During a time when women’s rights are at the center of current public debate, renowned choreographer Marianna Kavallieratos and musician Dom Bouffard present the collective dance Bastet, an ode to female nature's strength and sensuality. Through unadorned choreographic language, intense rhythmic alternations and emotional variations, Bastet highlights the movement and passion of the female body which is uplifted by live music, punk rock' n roll and the explosive sounds that accompany this dance ensemble at the Summer Nostos Festival.
The dance is named after Bastet, the Egyptian goddess of felines. According to ancient Egyptian tradition, she was the helper of the Sun God. The piece is inspired by the omnipotent Greek sun as well as the ever-present cats of Greece. The six dancers will climb on the stage over the canal, and exploit the symbolism of the sun's strength and the feline's intelligence in order to express the age-old struggle of woman to free herself from her ties and to shine, by using her endless spiritual strength which society's norms attempt to stifle. All this will be interpreted through a play of movement and sound, and thus create a hymn for the female sex.

Concept – Choreography: Marianna Kavallieratos
Music: Dom Bouffard
Lighting Design: Eleftheria Deko
Costumes: Vasiliki Syrma
Choreographer's Assistant: Aspasia-Maria Alexiou
Production Supervision: Maria Vasariotou
Production Management: Delta Pi
Performed by: Gavriela Antonopoulou, Dimitra Vlachou, Myrto Grapsa, Eleftheria Iliopoulou, Iro Konti, Anastasia Brouzioti