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2019 Summer Nostos Festival: Music


Lisa Hannigan & s t a r g a z e
Lisa Hannigan, in collaboration with the music collective s t a r g a z e, an ensemble of European classical musicians, presents reworkings of songs from three of her albums. (30/6)

Sō Percussion
A collaborative percussion quartet from New York with a repertoire ranging from well-known contemporary composers such as Steve Reich, David Lang, Caroline Shaw, Bryce Dessner, and Julia Wolfe, to new works for listeners who love adventure. (23/6)

One of Greece’s leading chamber music ensembles, acclaimed as one of the most dynamic and avant-garde European quartets and renowned for its musical experimentation, presents works by Beethoven, Schnittke, and Steve Reich. (25/6)

Yale Alumni Chorus & El Sistema Greece
SNFestival’s most populous production for 2019: 125 chorus singers from Yale University, the El Sistema Greece choir, and a symphony orchestra will appear on the stage at Stavros Niarchos Hall and perform works by Brahms and Christopher Theofanidis. (29/6)


Triptych (Eyes of One on Another)
A new composition by Bryce Dessner (The National), directed by Kaneza Schaal, with libretto by Korde Arrington Tuttle (with words by Essex Hemphill and Patti Smith), based on the work of American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. Also featuring the vocal ensemble Roomful of Teeth and the Greek chamber music ensemble Ergon Ensemble. (26/6)

Medea (operetta)
A new operetta by composer Nikos Kypourgos based on Medea, a parody of Euripides’ play by the Greek playwright Bost, featuring the orchestra, choir, and singers of the Greek National Opera. (27/6)

Bells & Spells
by Victoria Thiérrée Chaplin
The latest performance by Victoria Thiérrée Chaplin, daughter of the legendary Charlie Chaplin, starring her daughter Aurelia Thiérrée, and Jaime Martinez. Curious mechanisms, enchanted encounters, and mysterious musical boxes mark the passage of Aurelia and Jaime through the Summer Nostos Festival, in a spectacle that balances between dream and reality. (26/6)

Her Mind's I
A lyrical myth based on the story of the first mortal woman, Pandora. A project using multimedia. Concept and stage sets by Alexandros Tsolakis. (28/6)

(indie rock, folk, pop, R&B, country)

Neneh Cherry
More mature than ever, the British-Swedish 90s icon presents her fifth album, a personal yet minimal project with clear references to her concerns and struggles as a socially aware citizen of the world. (25/6)

In this, the 25th year of their shared life both on and off the stage, Low’s Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker, acclaimed representatives of slow tempo rock, return with their dynamic new album Double Negative, which UNCUT magazine declared the #1 album of 2018. (27/6)

Αndrew Bird
Shortly after the release of his single “Bloodless,” the American indie rock singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, violin virtuoso, and expert whistler (!) appears in Greece for the first time. (24/6)

Local Natives
With a sound that’s matured through time, the Californian indie-pop band visits Greece for the first time with songs from their much-anticipated new album due to be released in the spring. (28/6)

Well-known in Greece from his project Warhaus, Maarten Devoldere and his Belgian band present their new album due to be released in late January. (25/6)

Rita Wilson
World-famous for her career as an actor and producer, the multi-talented Rita Wilson turned to pop-country music six years ago and has already released four albums and collaborations with leading artists of that genre. We will enjoy her in a live session full of country charm. (29/6)

“One to watch,” according to The Guardian, this award-winning South African artist, a newcomer to the world music scene who set aside his fear and embraced his sexuality, is coming to Greece for a concert that is sure to be talked about. (26/6)

This trio of Frenchwomen with millions of views on YouTube, which became world-famous for its covers and mashups of summer hits in 2015, is coming to Greece for the first time in a super up-tempo mood! (29/6)

After six years of silence and intense changes, Austria’s Anja Plaschg returns to the music scene with her album From Gas to Solid, presenting a live show with her distinctive experimental pop sound. (24/6)

Choir! Choir! Choir!
Here’s your chance again this year to become part of the world’s largest intercultural choir, even if you have never sung before in your life. Choir! Choir! Choir! that unique pair from Toronto, which has collaborated with major artists such as Patti Smith, David Byrne, and Rufus Wainwright, and made appearances at New York’s Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall, returns to the Summer Nostos Festival. (29 & 30/6)

Schoolwave Rewind
A concert by bands and musicians who have performed in the Schoolwave festival as students, now returning as “graduates.” (30/6)


Yorgos Margaritis
The leading performer of Greek laiko, popular city music, whose faithful audience spans all ages, has collaborated with the most notable composers and lyricists of the genre. Accompanied by a large orchestra, he will present a selection of the highlights from his music career, as well as a tribute to laika and rebetika songs. (26/6)

The multi-talented performer and artist Marina Satti together with Fonés, and Chóres, her electric band and a number of surprise collaborations on stage present a multinational program that will take us on a journey through traditional and contemporary sound, but—most of all—will give rhythm and color to the Summer Nostos Festival music stage. (29/6)

Mihalis Kalkanis Group
The Greek ethnic jazz ensemble of bass player Mihalis Kalkanis, showcases his compositions in an atmospheric performance where music coexists with video art and narrative. The Siberian multi-instrumentalist and composer, Nadishana, will be a special guest for this evening. (28/6)

Antonis Martsakis – Antonis Foniadakis
Authentic Cretan music and rizitika songs meet the present, with internationally acclaimed Antonis Foniadakis choreographing the music of the talented Antonis Martsakis. An original composition which skillfully walks the line between music and movement. (27/6)
*Due to the nature of piece, its description reappears under the Performing Arts category.


Out of Africa – a collaboration with the Nyege Nyege Festival
This is the second year of the Festival’s collaboration with the Ugandan electronic music festival, with rousing DJ sets by amazing musicians from across Africa that will give rhythm to the Summer Nostos Festival nights!