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Bells & Spells by Victoria Thiérrée Chaplin

Staged Productions

June 26, 2019, 19.30, Alternative Stage GNO

Bells & Spells by Victoria Thiérrée Chaplin

“What happiness to be able to forget about reality for one night; to crumple it up like a paper tissue you stuff into your pocket; to hide it behind the stuff of dreams. This is achieved by Victoria Thiérrée Chaplin and her daughter Aurelia Thiérrée in their Bells and Spells.” This is how the French newspaper Le Monde described the unique experience of this multilayered spectacle that is coming to the Summer Nostos Festival. Victoria, daughter of Charlie Chaplin, has created a work that constantly moves between reality, dreams, imagination, and intense pictoriality.

Aurelia, Victoria’s daughter and Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter, plays the role of a woman with kleptomaniac tendencies, a woman who succumbs to the beauty, the magic, and the stories provided to her by the items she has “borrowed.” The objects manipulate her, direct her and, since they belong to a separate world, have a will of their own. Musical boxes make no sense at all, walls open and two dancers leap out, a dress comes alive. Together with Jaime Martinez, Aurelia leads the audience to a new, surrealist place, made from the magical materials that characterize the Chaplin family.