Summer Nostos FestivalSummer Nostos Festival

Activity Passports & Bracelets for Children

June 14 2018

Cooking Games, Kayaking the Canal, Robotics, Climbing Wall, are just some of the children activities, which will be held during Summer Nostos Festival 2018!

This year, children who participate in this great summer celebration will have the chance to get their own Activities Passport and SNFestival bracelet from one of the four festival Info Points.

Participate in the SNFestival activities, and collect the stamps to fill up your Activities Passport to take home! Children will be collecting stamps from each stop and keep their Activities Passport as a souvenir from the festival.

Parents will also be able to obtain bracelets in SNFestival’s colors and symbols for their children! SNFestival Volunteers will be assisting parents to write down their contact number on the inside with a marker, so that in case a child separates from their parents, track of communication can be immediately restored.

The 4 Info Points of Summer Nostos Festival are located at:
• Agora, Info Point Agora
• Great Lawn, Info Park
• The Visitors Center, Info VC
• The Labyrinth, Info Labyrinth