Summer Nostos FestivalSummer Nostos Festival

Indie-rock band Balthazar visit Greece for the first time presenting their new album! STD: June 25th at SNFestival!

February 19 2019

Four years after their last album release and following a period of rare live appearances, the versatile Belgian indie-rock band is making a dynamic comeback with their latest album Fever, released on January 25th.

Maarten Devoldere, Jinte Deprez, Simon Casier, and Michiel Balcaen—with the valuable addition of Tijs Delbeke—effortlessly prove why they are considered one of the most sophisticated and innovative indie-pop bands!

This summer, Balthazar will be making their first stop in Athens, as part of their European tour, presenting their new work at the Summer Nostos Festival.

Bonus: Maarten Devoldere has also developed a unique relationship with the Greek audience through his personal project Warhaus.